DISCLAIMER: The information on this site contains my personal experiences with sulfite sensitivity. It should not be viewed as an authoritative source of information on the subject. Although I continue to work hard to make sure my statements are accurate, I am by no means an expert. PLEASE do your own research to make sure you are as safe as possible! (excerpted from http://www.squidoo.com/sulfite-free)
Some hidden things you want to look for in all ingredients in your food and products:

Citric Acid
Sodium Laurel(Laureth) Sulfate
Corn Starch
Corn Syrup
Welcome to my site!  After searching and searching for information on living Sulfite Free, I realized I needed to make my own site.  One where I can share my journey, link to other sites I find with great information, a foods list (as best as I can find), and RECIPES! 

I find I am not only sulfite sensitve, but also sulfate, so that is another component I have to keep in mind.

Not only do I contend with Sulfite/Sulfate sensitivity, I also have to deal with Oral Allergy Syndrome and Dermatographia. 

Here is my Dairy Free Gravy Recipe.  It is pictured above with smashed potatoes and chicken and veggies.

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My family and me.  The reason I need to get a handle on eating well, and feeding them well at the same time.

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